Helppp Business Assignment – The Nursing TermPaper

January 25, 2021
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January 25, 2021

Helppp Business Assignment – The Nursing TermPaper

Analysis of a Small Business: A Three-Stage Project
Stage One (5%)
In completing the first stage of analyzing a small business, student will identifying a small business that they are either familiar with or a customer of, which meets the following criteria:
Must have a minimum of five employees
Must have been in business for at least three years
In the first stage of the project, students identify a small business. 
Required Elements to include in the Analysis Paper (Stage One):
·         Is it advantageous to determine whether the small business owner is willing and available for a student-conducted interview (in preparation for Stage Two);
·         The student must submit the small business choice with a paragraph describing the qualifications and rationale;
·         Submit in the assignment folder.

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