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May 4, 2021
a j is 15 years old female student involved in gymnastics and complains of left leg pain following a landing in a awkward position the left leg pain is isolated in the front lateral aspect of the knee
May 4, 2021

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World Health Organization’s “Statistical Information System” is an interactive database that allows you to compare health indicators for multiple countries. For this Assignment, you will compare the country you selected for the Discussion with the United States in terms of healthcare (i.e., please compare the same country in both the Discussion and Assignment.)To prepare for this Assignment:· Consider the value of using standardized quantitative health measures or indicators to compare information internationally.· Examine the definitions of indicators presented in the Resources, including pages 55–62 of the Shi and Singh (2015) course text.· Use the WHO website to examine country statistics and profiles.· Create a table to record data related to three health indicators for the two countries you are comparing, as illustrated in the example Indicators Chart on this page.· Once your table is complete, compare the data and analyze it in light of the information presented in this week’s Resources and the research you conducted for the Discussion. What insights does this comparison give you about health and disease within the U.S. healthcare delivery system and the system of the other country you selected?AssignmentWrite a 1- to 2-page paper in which you:Assignment, you will compare the U.S. healthcare delivery system with the health system of another country.
· Identify the country that you are comparing with the United States.· Define the three health indicators you have selected for your analysis and explain why you chose them.· Include the table you created to record and compare your data.· Summarize the results of your comparison, sharing at least two insights that you gained through this analysis of health and disease in the United States and your selected country.Students will:· Describe characteristics of healthcare delivery systems in various countries· Compare characteristics of healthcare delivery systems in various countries· Explain potential benefits and challenges for people in various countries based on health system characteristics· Compare health indicator data for the United States and other countries
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