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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

Hazards-Due-to-Polluted-Air-and-Water-environmental-science-homework-help – Nursing Writers Hub

 APA format, intext citations with references.
Environmental Hazards Due to Polluted Air and Water
Many environmental hazards, such as air and water pollution, have been linked to adverse health outcomes not only in humans but also in aquatic life.
Using your course textbook and the Internet, research on episodes in which environmental pollution caused hazards to the aquatic environment. Choose one episode and answer the following questions:
What were the main pollutants that caused hazards to aquatic life?
How did these pollutants affect the health of aquatic life adversely?
What are the various ways to prevent occurrences of such episodes in the future? Explain how these ways will help in the prevention of such episodes.
Discuss the association between environmental pollution and hazards to aquatic life.

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