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November 27, 2021
16. What principle do assessors utilize when interpreting the TAT?
November 27, 2021

groups and teams response

Respond at least 100 words to both

I have reviewed all of the personality tests for this discussion. I have found that when I answer the questions honestly to the best of my knowledge, the results from the test are very similar. Nowadays the hiring process puts greater emphasis on assessing candidate personality. The process is easy to fake, one can fill out a personality question test and hide their true personality traits. It is noted personality tests are not the most reliable form of an assessment. For example when a employer conducts an interview with a potential hiring of a new employee, even at the interview the personality of someone trying to get the job can be faked. Everyone knows the best way to get any job is to conduct oneself on the interview in the most professional manner. People can fake an interview knowing they do not have good work ethics, or never prompt with time. Most of the time its after the personality test and interview employers gets to see what that persons true personality. I do not think personality test should be the basis of hiring. When I have taken the personality tests for the assignment, I have noticed an algorithm of how the questions are being asked. The personality tests can be easily faked to make one personality sound better than it actually is for any job. For example, you will see question on teamwork. If a person is applying for an occupation which requires a lot of teamwork, those questions can be answered within the parameters of making it look like that person has a strong value on teamwork. But it does not mean teamwork is that persons strong personality trait.


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100 word response

First let me say I’m so sorry this is late, we got hit by the flu these last two weeks and one by one is has just taken my house out of commission. The kids are finally better and I’m on my way thank goodness.

My results from the psych central test I really had mixed feelings about because I didn’t really agree with them completely. I mainly got average in every area except neuroticism which I scored high. I didn’t really agree with this test because I don’t think I border personality traits in the way that the test said I do. The test I took today was from DISC, it was a quick test and I had some trouble really connecting with some of the answers. The test came back that I am supportive, inspiring and cautious; more supportive than anything. While I think that I am a supportive person I don’t think I’m overly so, I would by far out of the three things say I am overly cautious. I never take risks and I am a rule follower.

The third test I took was a personality club test and it was a super fast and easy test. I got the INTP- scientist result. So weirdly enough even though this was the quickest test I’ve taken, agree most with its results. It says I am quiet, thoughtful, analytical person who enjoys long periods of time by myself which is me exactly.




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