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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

govt 2306 texas government 4

For this assignment, I want you to find out who your member of the Texas House of Representatives and your Member of the Texas Senator and send one of them a formal letter urging them to deal with some sort of political issue in the state of Texas. Your letter should be around 200 words. You may even use it to talk about the issue you are working on your project about.
Note: To find out who your representatives are, go to and put in your address. If you are not from the United States, you should put in the address where you reside. Be sure to use the Texas legislators and not members of Congress or one of the statewide offices. (There is a difference.)
Potential Issues (There are many more)
Same sex marriage, open carry laws in Texas, campus concealed weapons, water resources, environmental laws, cost of higher education, police / community relations, corruption in state government, redistricting, school testing, school quality, school choice (vouchers), Obamacare expansion,
**There are many topics that are potentially out there. I just care that you pick something that you are truly interested in learning more about.
For full credit:
200-250 words.
Include one source (newspaper or website, properly formatted)
Identify your state representative and state senator.
The best letters:
This letter should identify a specific problem or issue, why it is important to you, and what you’d like them to do to fix it. For example, if you are interested in the cost of higher education, you may ask them to expand the Texas Grant.
Usually formal letters include your address. Do not do that for security reasons.

Pick one of the “ethical” issues below and find one news article or video clip related to it. Briefly summarize it and discuss whether or not you think it is really a “big” deal. 100-200 words. One reply to peers would be good.
Pick 1 to discuss
What is the issue with Moses as a founding father of Texas?
Why was the governor in a “rental” mansion?
What is the issue with textbooks and slavery?
What’s the issue with Rick Perry and the Public Integrity Unit?
What’s the issue with Ken Paxton and being indicted?
What is going on with CPS recently?
What is going on with special education recently? Why is the federal government suing the state over special education?
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