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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

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Read pages 383-398
* For full points, address the key concepts, make specific comments on
the example in the case study, and add your own insightful comments.
Your response also needs to include factual support from the assigned
Review the Case Study and explain what forensic anthropology techniques were used for identification. Submit as a word document or PDF.
The Romanovs (1918)
On July 16, 1918, the last royal family of Russia—Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, four daughters, one son, and their servants—died at the hands of a firing squad (Figure 13-25). Bolshevik Jacob Yurosky, who commanded the death squad, boasted that the world would never know what had happened to the royal family. That was true for the next 75 years, until a team of specialists including Michael Baden, William Maples, and forensic odontologist Lowell Levine examined the skeletons discovered in a shallow grave outside of Ekaterinburg, Russia (Figure 13-26). The team was able to determine the age and sex of all nine skeletons. Five were identified as females and four as males. The skulls had all been crushed, making identification difficult. The bones and teeth helped. One female had poor dental work and calcification of knee joints, indicating a person who had spent time scrubbing floors and doing manual labor. One male skeleton was mature, probably the remains of the royal family physician, Dr. Botkin. The recovered dental plate and skull similarities to a photograph provided evidence to the doctor’s identity. Expensive dental repairs and dental records identified the rest of the royal party. Because some of the leg bones were crushed, height estimations were calculated using arm length. The remains of Anastasia and Alexei, who were 17 and 14, respectively, were not found.
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