Director of Occupational Health and Safety
June 15, 2022
7400 week 6
June 15, 2022

Follow instructions: See attachments

Due Date: June 10th


Attached, please find the Excel file from output for Multiple Myeloma.

Please find the incidence proportion of patients with “fever / pyrexia,” stratified by whether the event was “serious” or “other” (see column U, “event_type”).


Start by looking at the AEs listed in column Y (“ae_term”) to define “fever / pyrexia.”


Once you find with the definition, filter for those AEs and sum up the number of patients in column Z (“subjects_affected”)—this will be our numerator.


For our denominator, you’ll need to find the number of unique nct_id x treatment arms x subjects at risk (one way of doing this would be to, after filtering for the AE of interest, select “nct_id,” col A; one of the treatment arm columns, e.g., cols S, V, W; and “subjects_at_risk,” col AA, de-dupe them using the built-in Excel function, and then sum over the deduped columns).


Finally, calculate a 95% confidence interval and include your AE definition and the number of studies that reported the AE.


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