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November 28, 2021
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November 28, 2021

find mistakes and answer right please

Complete this assignment in MS Word. Things that need to be calculated. 

Initial velocity – v_0

time at which the sticky bomb was at the highest point. 

maximum height of the object.

all steps shown

In the game I did the stop watch stopped at 9.90 seconds so here is my work.

Formula is:

 H (t) =-16t^2+Vot+S

T=9.90 seconds

0=-16(9.90) ^2+VO (9.90) +3

0=-16(98.01) +9.90Vo+3



0+1565.16 and 1565.16+1565.16

1565.16=9.90 divides 9.90 to both sides


H (t) =-16t^2+158.1+3





-158.1/2(-16) =1264.8

H (t) =1264.8


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