Final Thesis – My Nursing Assignment

Personality Theory at Work in Social Networks
April 16, 2022
DT4A – My Nursing Assignment
April 16, 2022

Final Thesis – My Nursing Assignment

I have attached my thesis file plz do these changes below after you do that convert the file to PDF file

Title page: Delete “By” on line before your name. Keep that line blank.
Abstract: Text should align on left margin, not full justification. Do same throughout rest of thesis.
Chapter 1, p. 1: Check that chapter title (“Introduction”) is size 12 font. I looks bigger. Do same for all chapters.
Chapter 2, p. 6: Check that text is double spaced. It looks smaller. Paragraphs should have first-line indent of 0.5 inch; do same for all paragraphs in thesis. Check numbering of headings in this chapter; this is Chapter 2, but all headings start with 1. Should start with 2. Update TOC to match. Do same for rest of chapters.
Chapter 4, p. 34: Heading 1.16 should start with 4 instead of 1. This is also a Level 1 heading and should be centered, bolded, Title Case Like This; do same for all Level 1 headings in thesis.
References: Check that all journal articles have DOI or URL of journal main page (some are missing).

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