Factors Impacting Performance Appraisals in Practice

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May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

Factors Impacting Performance Appraisals in Practice

Despite the fact that performance management systems are based on a solid job analysis, employing the best design practices, and implementing fully developed procedures, there are still factors that impact the evaluations made (Weatherly, 2004). In practice, factors such as rater bias, inadequate training, and insufficient time are just a few that can impact evaluations (New Media Learning, 2011). It is important to avoid or reduce bias and other influencing factors in order to produce valid, timely, and accurate performance appraisals.
Post by Day 4 explanations of two potential effects of rater motivation and intent on performance measure validity. Then, describe the potential impact of performance data misuse at the employee and organizational levels. Finally, explain how you might address the misuse you identified. Provide concrete examples and citations from the Learning Resources and current literature to support your post.
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