Week 11 evaluation
June 26, 2022
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June 26, 2022

Evaluating Survey Questions

A few weeks later, the colleagues return to you with a list of potential items for the questionnaire. They want to know what they should do to finalize the list. Summarize for them the methods of evaluating survey items. Discuss, specifically, how to plan for a review of the content, scope, and clarity of the items. Propose a strategy for evaluating their questions. Also, explain to your colleagues the importance of field testing the survey before implementing it on a large scale.Thinking back to the Unit 5 reading you did, in Survey Research Methods, Chapter 6, “Designing Questions to Be Good Measure,” on pages 75–98, discuss how your colleagues could apply both theory and practical approaches to their questions to ensure that they have valid and reliable measures in their questionnaire.


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