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June 15, 2022
In this Chapter, you read about four criteria that need to be met in order for contact between hostile groups to decrease prejudices. In this assignment, you will reflect on these criteria and develop
June 15, 2022

Essay #3

Taking into account mechanical processes for solid waste (e.g., conveyance, shredding) compose an essay that addresses the prompts below:


– Describe best practices for the mechanical processing of solid waste.

– Explain best practices for shredding.

– Elaborate on the environmental benefits of mechanical processing.


– Using a search engine of your choice, conduct a search using the following terms: high-horsepower hammermill solid waste shredder


Find a manufacturer of a shredder. Select one shredder from the manufacturer’s inventory, and provide the model number and operating specifications, such as the horsepower (i.e., kW), the capacity (i.e., units of tons per hour), and the size of materials that it can process. 


Discuss why you selected the shredder, and describe the shredder’s pros and cons.


Please include a title page and an introduction in the essay.


Please incorporate the text below and attached journal as a references.


Worrell, W. A., Vesilind, P. A., & Ludwig, C. (2016). Solid Waste Engineering: A Global Perspective (3rd Edition). Cengage Learning US. https://online.vitalsource.com/books/9781305888357

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