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The final portfolio is an opportunity for you to gather your best work for this course and present it in a coherent form.The work collected in the portfolio will form the basis for 60% of your final grade.
The portfolio should contain the following items:
ï A title page.
ï A 1 page reflection letter discussing your final papers. Give brief descriptions of what you revised,how you revised it,and why. The letter should make an argument about the quality of your final papers compared to the goals of the course.How successful are they at achieving good professional writing?
ï The selection of final papers to be graded.
ï Original final papers.
Your portfolio will be graded on how well it demonstrates your ability to write for an audience and purpose,to use professional language and style,to design documents appropriately,to organize information clearly and appropriately,and to proof read and edit your documents.

My paper topics in this course were :
-Memo assignment
-Career fact sheet assignment
-Resume assignment
-Professional instruction assignment
-Real life instruction assignment
-Technical discription assignment
-Feasibilty Study assignment
The paper that I had to revise and change from it is the career fact sheet i had to:
organize this information into a document that uses headings, bullet points.

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