Read the articles “Applications in Social Justice Counselor Training: Classroom Without Walls” and “The Multicultural Workplace: Interactive Acculturation and Intergroup Relations” and review
April 23, 2022
1. VIEW THE FOLLOWING THREE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE AND COMPLETE THE WORK FOR EACH.· Classical Conditioning – Ivan Pavlov By BullyingNewsVideosWrite a brief personal reaction paragraph about t
April 23, 2022

English 2-10

Write an annotated bibliography of 10 sources for the research paper on Obesity in America. Bibliography is attached.In the annotation of each source, you should begin by summarizing the source, including all of the main points of the source. Next, you should write a small critique for the source (about 1-2 sentences), in which you write about the strengths and weaknesses the source may have. Each annotation should be at least 1/2 page long ( Total 5 pages). I simply have you do mini critiques (1-2 sentences) at the end of each annotation.This Annotated Bibliography should be double spaced, use size 12, Times New Roman font, and should follow MLA format.Attached to this email is my bibliography of 10 sources. Also a sample Annotated Bibliography for you to see how it should look like.


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