Elderly Development – My Nursing Assignment

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April 16, 2022
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April 16, 2022

Elderly Development – My Nursing Assignment

Through this assignment you will be able to critically evaluate research studies in the field of adult development. Each week you will read and analyze two peer-reviewed, research-journal articles related to the weekly topics. You will use the South University Online Library databases to locate these articles. Other sources such as the text (other than as supporting citations), Wikipedia, and other online sources will not be accepted.
Submit your analysis as a Word document using APA style guidelines. In your analysis:

Write a summary for each journal article.
Describe the main points of each article and how each article relates to the week’s course and text readings.
Evaluate the articles from your own thoughts and perspectives regarding the topics covered.

Use this topic area as the focus for your Week 4 article analysis:
    Mental health issues of older adults
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