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June 25, 2022
Assignment 1 – I Get Better Grades With a Little Help From My Friends You have two friends who have been struggling with exams in their classes. They can’t figure out what they are doing wrong, so they approach you for advice. In talking with your frien
June 25, 2022

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Hello,The details are listed below; style APA; 12 font; times new roman; 12 pages; can use up to 4 references (one is attached and must be used).Details:Explain why philosophy is important in the field of educational studies.Summarize the six branches of philosophy that guide educational professionals in their work. Review the pros and cons of each.Describe the five modern philosophical orientations to education, life and work. Discuss pros and cons of each and give examples (personal experiences and observations).Summarize the three schools of psychological thought that influence philosophical foundations in education. Discuss pros and cons of each and give examples (personal experiences and observations).References that must be used:Ozmon, H. (2012). Philosophical foundations of education. Pearson.Thanks
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