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May 3, 2021
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May 3, 2021

Discussion – The Nursing TermPaper

Post a response to one of the two topics below in a single-page Word document using APA formatTopic 1Conduct a face-to-face, online, or telephone interview with an experienced nurse educator either in a hospital or college setting. Generate a list of questions related to teaching strategies, theories, technology, and evaluation techniques he/she uses during teaching. Then post in the discussion the following:The setting and how the interview was conducted.The questions asked and the responses given.Anything else you think to be important.OrTopic 2Select a health topic you would like to teach about to a friend or family member, determine which objectives you’ll have for teaching. Identify a possible teaching strategy for your objectives. Create a formative and summative assessment for that hypothetical educational encounter. Reflect on which instructional methods you would use. Methods can be traditional or nontraditional. Explain how you can communicate the results of the evaluation to the learner.
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Nursing Coursework