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February 21, 2021
The American War against al Qaeda
February 21, 2021

discuss two terms in history

Each Quotation has to have at least 500 word as an sort essay in a different pages.

What was the impact of World War One on the United States and abroad? How did the First World War affect the United States at home as well as American society? What was the military role of the United States in World War One, and what impact did it have on the overall Allied victory? Be as specific as possible in your answer. What were President Wilson’s goals for the Versailles Peace Conference, and how successful were they?

Discuss the Second World War, and how the conflict was darker and deadlier than previous wars. Explain the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Why was it done? What actions in the latter stage of the Pacific War convinced planners the atomic bomb was a better option? Was it decisive? How does it compare to other actions in the Second World War? What were the post-war ramifications of using “the bomb”? Be as specific as possible with your answer.

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