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July 11, 2019
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July 11, 2019

*Designing for a Persona*

One of the roles you identified while constructing your research plan was the restaurant customer or patron. When you identified this role, did you think about whether the patron would be likely to order only for themselves, or for a larger group? Might there be an event or occasion for some of the patrons to place their orders? What sorts of dietary restrictions or preferences would the ordering system need to address? Which customers may want to place their order in a different way when using this the online food ordering system, and would it make sense for the restaurant to provide this option?

Start your initial post by making a list of at least five demographic groups who might be regular patrons of the restaurant for which you are building the online food ordering system. Examples of demographic groups can be found in the unit readings.

When you have completed your list of five demographic groups of patrons, choose just one of these groups to explore more deeply. Address all of the following for this chosen demographic group:

Develop a persona for this group. Use the persona form you will be submitting as part of the unit assignment to develop your answer for this question. You do not need to upload the form itself in this discussion, but provide some of your key insights about the group based on what you wrote there.

Imagine the persona you have just described as they order a meal through an online food ordering system for your restaurant.

What is the process they prefer to take?

What do they want (or not want) to see?

What decisions will they make as they order the meal?

Discuss the kinds of design strategies you will need to employ in building an online food ordering system that meets this persona’s needs and expectations. Be sure to mention key considerations such as information display, attention, memory and behavioral patterns, as described in the chapter readings in this unit.

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