Data Analytics computer science homework help

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March 16, 2023
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March 16, 2023

Data Analytics computer science homework help

Rest of the class is a final project, which should be based on some kind of data analysis. You should turn in 5 to 10 pages of text, or perhaps a Powerpoint presentation. You need at least one plot.

Here is a possible outline:

a) What topic are you writing about? What questions are you trying to answer?

b) What is previously known about this subject (just in brief)?

c) What data would you like to have? (This is when you can’t find what you actually want to know but find

a substitute – as when, considering the cats, I wanted cats/household in the US but could only use the data

for the UK, because I wasn’t willing to pay for the US data)

d) What data did you explore? Where did you get it?

c) What is the data like – how many points, what measurements?

d) What plots did you make?

e) What did you learn from the plots?

f) Were you able to answer the questions you had posed? What were the answers?

g) What are your conclusions? Do you have recommendations, if that makes sense? (E.g., for baseball, “the following pitchers do better in cold weather, use them more in April”).

h) What studies might be done next, or done if somebody had lots more time?


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