Critically assess how images are used online.

List and Discuss 5 actions or decisions a bystander should quickly and reliably make when deciding to intervene in an emergency.
July 10, 2019
What formal structures were in place to help address the problem?
July 10, 2019

Critically assess how images are used online.

 Option 1: Critically assess how images are used online. Spend time online and evaluate how images are used in advertising, news reports, blogs, or other online content. Discuss potential problems with the way that images and photos are used.

  • Select five (5) photos and provide the URL and a brief description of the photo.
  • Indicate the potential legal or ethical misuse of each photo and whether or not, in your opinion, the photo should be used.
  • Note the permissions cited to use the photo (or lack thereof) and step necessary to gain necessary permissions.

(Note: Please use professional discernment when selecting photos to view and share.)

Option 2: Use the ASCAP or BMI websites to learn how to search for the copyright holders of certain musical works:
  • Look up one of your favorite songs and indicate the copyright holders of these songs (composition, recording, lyrics).
  • Present a scenario related to your profession or professional goals in which you would seek permission or license to use one of your selected songs.
  • Comment on whether or not your scenario is a candidate for fair use of the song.
  • Indicate what you would need to be able to legally use the music.


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