Critical Analysis Portfolio and Presentation Proposal

Describe some of the technological, business, and societal shifts that may occur as the Internet continues to grow and expand.
November 25, 2020
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November 25, 2020

Critical Analysis Portfolio and Presentation Proposal

For this first milestone, you will select an issue or topic in diversity to analyze through the four general education lenses. You will also analyze the issue or topic’s relationship to culture and society.
Remember to keep your sites trained on diversity. For example, it’s not enough to do your paper on opioid addiction but not also address issues relating to differential access depending on, for example, race and socio-economic status.
If you need help deciding on a topic below are topics to name a few to choose from:
Opioid addiction, treatment, and access to healthcare comparing diverse populations (race, gender, class)
Conflicts in the intergenerational workplace
The [mis]representation of women in the media (i.e., sexual objectification)
White privilege, Male privilege, Heterosexual privilege, Class privilege
Women exercising power over their own bodies ( or not); reproductive justice
The vilification of the poor
The War on Drugs in Black Communities
These are just a few ideas, but you no doubt have some of your own. Reach out to me and share your vision with me, and I’ll let you know if it’s a go. The main thing is that no matter what topic you decide to go with, you make sure that it’s Diverse. Try to pull in two to three different categories relative to the four dimensions of diversity introduced in Module One (and also included as easy reference in Module Two).
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