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January 15, 2021
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Assessment item 1Short Response Discussion TopicsDue date: 04-Dec-2016Length: Max 200 words per topic responseSubmission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskThis task requires you to submit TWO responses to each key topic in week 1 and 2 (ie a total of four responses). Blogs should be approximately 150 to 200 words each. This assessment is approximately 800 words in total. After submtting your responses in the blog, you also need to submit your responses to the topic questions in Turnitin. This will enable me to provide you with confidential individual feedback.Step 1. Create a blog entry – Instructions for creating a blog entry are in the Resources section of the subject site. You are welcome to comment constructively on another students work if you so choose.Step 2: Once you have submitted your blog, you need to paste the contents of your responses to each question into a word document and submit it (including your name, student number and subject name and code) via Turnitin by the due date.Task # Topic DiscussionTopic 1 – What is organisational change? Discuss why it is necessary for contemporary organisations to appreciate the scale and scope of the change they are facing.Topic 2 – Illustrate, using two (2) examples, why some change programs in organisations fail, or under-achieve, on the intended goals.Guidelines for online participationIf you are new to blogs you might be a little nervous about the process. My advice is to take the plunge, begin posting early and then actively build your confidence as you become more familiar with the process. Please ensure that you include at least ONE academic reference for each posting. Use APA6 referencing at the end of each post. This reference list is not included in the word count.Contributions to online BLOGThe implications for you in crafting your contributions are to:• keep postings short and to the point• read other relevant blog postings before crafting yours and build on these postings• go for quality of insight rather than quantity of material.RationaleThis assignment has been designed to:• Assess learning outcome 1 – Identify and define organisational change• Provide opportunities for peer to peer and student – teacher interaction
Marking criteria
Criteria High Distinction(12.75 – 15.0) Distinction(12.7 – 11.25) Credit(11.2 – 9.75) Pass(9.7 – 7.5 ) Fail(0 – 7.45)Contributionsto ForumDiscussions(15 marks) Posted to all 2x topics in a meaningful way. Your BLOG postings display an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Postings integrate multiple readings, or relevant research, to support important points. Challenging assertions and explaining concepts. Postings are well written and free or errors. Sufficient references cited. Correct use of APA6. Posted ALL 2x topics in a meaningful way. Your BLOG postings display a thorough understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts. Postings use evidence to support importantpoints are carefully written. Sufficient references cited, with correct use of APA6. Posted ALL 2x topics in a meaningfuland thoughtful way. Some postings lacked depth and detail, and may contain minor errors. Sufficient references cited, APA6 used with occasional errors. Contributed to less than 2x topics. Comments lacked depth and detail, and may contain significant errors. Insufficient references cited. APA6 used with some errors. Minimal or no contributions to BLOG postings. Few or no referencescited. Incorrect APA6.
PresentationPlease use academic communication including in-text references (although these are not inlcuded in the word count).RequirementsFor this assessment you are required to use APA6 referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have used in preparing your assessment. Please refer to the CSU referencing guide In addition a very useful tool for you to use that demonstrates how to correctly use in text referencing and the correct way to cite the reference in your reference list can be found at

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