Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures history homework help

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March 16, 2023
March 16, 2023

Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures history homework help

Select at least two creation myths from two different cultures. For ideas, refer to this week’s readings and the myths section of the Big Myths website for animated presentations of many creation myths. Do not compare Greek and Roman myths.

Write a 600- to 875-word essay about the selected creation myths that answers two of the following questions. Your essay should be at least 600 words, an not more than 10% over the maximum (923 words). REmember to write an introduction, with a clear thesis, a body section, and a conclusion. Do not just answer the questions. Write an ESSAY.

  • Which world or worlds, such as sky, earth, and underworld, are represented in the myths you chose? What are the elements of these worlds?
  • Describe the creators. Are the creators male or female, and of what significance is gender? Describe what they created, including the steps or cycles of creation. Also, include descriptions of any destroyers or destruction, if applicable.
  • Why is there such a focus on cosmic occurrences or natural phenomena like stars, moons, floods, rain, etc.?
  • Compare the creators, creations, the steps or cycle of creation, and the cosmic elements of the two myths. What are the similarities and differences?
  • Why do you think cosmic or creation myths are important to a culture? How do they shape a culture’s view of the world?

Format your citations and references according to the appropriate course level APA guidelines.

please read instructions carefully and please stick to apa format no plagriazing. if references or quotations are used please cite them


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