Reading Assignment: Denhardt and Denhardt, The New Public Service, Serving Not Steering, Chapter 5, pages 85-105. Gonzalez, Joaquin Jay and Roger Kemp, Editors, (2016), Privatization in Practice, Repo
January 24, 2021
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January 24, 2021

Consumer Health Information Websites

Many consumers are taking a more active role in their health. Before going to the clinic or doctor, they research a medical condition or symptoms on the web. Using your internet search engine, locate and evaluate a consumer health information website that provides information about specific diseases, preferably one sponsored by a health care provider or a national association on a specific disease. Explain how you would assess the quality and usability of the information contained on the site. What are the risks of acquiring medical information on the web?

Explain how the easily accessible web-based medical information is changing how medical practitioners must relate with the consumers who come in for care, having consulted various sources of information.

350 Word Minimum

APA Format

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