conduct research on sources that will inform nuclear weapons issue

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of your graduate-level writing skills
July 7, 2019
Review the following websites and activities
July 7, 2019

conduct research on sources that will inform nuclear weapons issue

conduct research on sources that will inform nuclear weapons issue


The challenge is nuclear weapon



Step One:

Do a “media sweep” of your topic to see what’s trending in relation to your challenge. Provide a list of 8-10 websites, videos, etc that are concerned with your topic over the last five years.

Check out these “media sweep” search engines:

Google Trends:

Meta search Twitter:


Use the trending tab on You Tube:

Ever try Reddit?:

I love this website more than Reddit, though the info isn’t always credible, sometimes its amazing:

Another great one to explore, though you need to make your own algorithm:

**This last one used to be free but isn’t anymore..but you can get a 14 day free trial:


Isolate 2-3 manifestations of the challenge that interests you and explain why: they may end up being a primary source (see below).


Step Two:

Find five “sources” that might inform your project. Two must be primary sources (aka an example of your challenge), two must be secondary source commentary that establishes this challenge as one we face today (scholarly articles/books or major new media exposes) and one must be a secondary source that reflects a counter argument or perspective/position different from your own.  The media sweep should help with this, but also check out Google Scholar:

*****Check out this resource on how to evaluate a source’s credibility*****:


Step Three:

Provide a brief summary of each source and a short explanation of how it fits into your original pitch. Follow the format here for an “annotated bibliography”:


Step Four:

Identify at least TWO M2 texts that you can use as a lens to examine your challenge, or to offer a solution. In other words…ask yourself: what would (insert author here) have to say about this challenge? Offer three direct quotations that address the issue head on (you can look through the class blog for this, and just cite the classmate who made the connection, if it didn’t come from your own post).


Step Five:

Write up your findings, using each “step” as a header on your document


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