Assignment 1: Video/ Essay: The New Heroes – ‘Dreams Of Sanctuary’ (January 26, due January 29) (5%) Dreams of Sanctuary features social entrepreneurs working to address a social problem. Who are those social entrepreneurs? What social problems are they
January 24, 2021
According to Taoism harsh punishment is the only to keep order and power. people should have a strong government. people must try to be united with the course of nature in order to be in harmony with
January 24, 2021

Chapter 7 reflection

I need a 2 page reflection paper on Chapter 7.  The name of the book we are using is Groups Process and Practice 9 edition by Marianne Schneider Corey, Gerald Corey and Cindy Corey.  Summarize what you’ve learned, what stood out to you and your thoughts and opinions on what you’ve read. 


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