Case revision case requirement:“Amazon/Detroit – Top Premier Essays

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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Case revision case requirement:“Amazon/Detroit – Top Premier Essays

1. case requirement:
“Amazon/Detroit. (around two pages, double space)
VI. SWOT Analysis. There are 4 parts.
A. Strength
B. Weakness
C. Opportunities
D. Threats
Please ONLY analysis to the point of C.Opportunities in Detroit.
Amazon opened the new headquarters in Detroit, the requirement is analysis the opportunities of amazon company in Detroit area. “

2. The attached file is my work, the Professor’s comment is
” Your Opportunities section is a little confusing. You jump around between internal and external points (things controlled by Detroit vs things they cannot control). You also transition a lot between talking about Detroit and then talking about Amazon.”
Please revise the case, or you can write by your own. thank you!

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