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June 24, 2022
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June 24, 2022

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Question 1Members of __________ can solve problems with a positive combination of functional expertise and integrative or total systems thinking.Answercross-functional teamsself-directed teamscross-departmental teamsvirtual teamsstatutory teamsQuestion 2When teams accomplish more than the total of their individual members’ capabilities, __________ occurs.AnswerexchangeassociationsynergyharmonyunionQuestion 3Groups that form spontaneously through personal relationships or special interests, and not by any specific organizational endorsement, are called __________.Answerinformal groupsvirtual groupstemporary groupsinterim groupsad hoc groupsQuestion 4Members of teams that __________ must have good long-term working relationships with one another, solid operating systems, and the external support needed to achieve effectiveness over a sustained period of time.Business & Finance homework help.Answerplan thingsreengineer thingsrecommend thingsmake or do thingsreview thingsQuestion 5The __________ is another name for the functional silos problem.Answerindividual unit problem.serviceable group problemfunctional chimney problemhyper-focused team problemexclusive over-assemblage problemQuestion 6__________ refers to a person’s relative rank, prestige, and standing in a group.AnswerConditionStandingFullnessStatusProminenceQuestion 7Tasks that are routine and easily subdivided lend themselves to:Answerhierarchical communication networks.parallel communication networks.decentralized communication networks.restricted communication networks.centralized communication networksQuestion 8_________-role conflict occurs when a person’s values and needs come into conflict with role expectations.AnswerIntrasenderIntersenderPersonInterOuterQuestion 9__________is a “logically perfect” group decision making method because all team members agree totally on a course of action.AnswerConsensusUnanimityMajority ruleMinority ruleLack of responseQuestion 10__________ occurs when too much is expected and the individual feels overwhelmed with work.AnswerRole conflictRole indifferenceRole encumbermentRole overloadRole frustrationQuestion 11When workspace architecture is studied as an influence on communication behavior, this is part of:Answercohesiveness.proxemics.virtual communication networks.team building.relationships.Question 12Decision by __________ is often done by providing a suggestion and then forcing quick agreement by challenging the group with such statements as “Does anyone object?…No? Well, let’s go ahead then.Answermajority rulelack of responseauthority ruleconsensusminority ruleQuestion 13What Decision-Making concept is reflected in the popular adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?”AnswerIntuitionEscalating commitmentBounded rationalityNon-programmed Decision-MakingSatisficing

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Question 14The __________ model views decision makers as acting in a world of complete certainty.Answerbehavioral decisiontrue decisioncognitive decisionclassical decisionaesthetic decisionQuestion 15The first step in the rational decision model is _______________.Answerchoosing a preferred course of actionrecognizing and defining the problem or opportunityidentifying the alternative courses of actionevaluating the resultsimplementing the preferred course of actionQuestion 16A decision maker holds a meeting to get everyone’s agreement on a system for deciding how to make a lunch schedule. This is an example of a(n) _________ decision method.AnswergroupthinkauthorityconsultativeteamminorityQuestion 17__________, or the use of one’s intellect, is important in all aspects of Decision-Making.AnswerIntuitionAttitudinal formationJudgmentPerceivingSensingQuestion 18The process of choosing a course of action for dealing with a problem or opportunity is __________.Answerselection makingdecision shapingdecision-makingjudgment resolutionjudgment generationQuestion 19__________ is a superficial and often temporary form of conflict resolution that leaves the situation open to future conflict over similar issues.AnswerLeniencySuppressionNeglectAvoidanceToleranceQuestion 20__________ involves interpersonal difficulties that arise over feelings of anger, mistrust, dislike, fear, resentment, and the like.AnswerSubstantive conflictEmotional conflictIndigenous conflictRational conflictImpulsive conflictQuestion 21__________ conflicts occur when the communication of task expectations is unclear or upsetting in some way, such as a team member receiving different expectations from the leader and other members.AnswerVerticalHorizontalLine-staffTaskRole ambiguityQuestion 22__________ goals deal with outcomes that relate to the “content” issues under negotiation.AnswerRelationshipSubstanceObjectDiscretionaryMaterialQuestion 23__________ occurs when a formal authority simply dictates a solution and specifies what is gained and what is lost by whom.AnswerCompetitionAvoidanceCollaborationAuthoritative commandCompromiseQuestion 24__________ negotiation focuses on the merits of the issues, and the parties involved try to enlarge the available pie rather than stake claims to certain portions of it.AnswerIntegrativeDistributiveGood-faithConsolidatingProcessQuestion 25__________ distributive negotiation takes place when one party is willing to make concessions to the other to get things over with.AnswerIndirectHard distributiveDirect distributiveIntegrativeSoft distributive
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