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Nursing Assessment – Older Adult
May 3, 2021
How many times have you, or has someone you know, perused jobs on, LinkedIn or a clinical listserv? When browsing employment opportunities, what factors motivate you to apply for one position over another?
May 3, 2021

business and economics – The Nursing Hub

bussiness forum Prompt:
This week’s Discussion forum revolves around your present or past work experience and the concept of Capacity planning. Begin your forum posting a short description of the business enterprise and the products or services rendered. For purposes of this forum, let’s look at manufacturing as primarily product-oriented, even though there are elements of service involved. Likewise, let’s look at insurance, hospitality, food services, banking, retail, and military organizations as generally service-related, although there is evidence for a product offering in these businesses. Evaluate capacity within your this organization according to the following:

How do generally define and measure capacity in the business you are assessing.
Explain the importance of capacity planning
What steps must be taken to resolve capacity constraints
How do you assess the effectiveness of this organization’s ability to manage capacity.

If you have minimal experience with evaluating capacity within the organization, feel free to interview an individual for their input regarding these four questions.

Your initial reply to the forum question should be posted no later than Thursday. Your original post must be a minimum of 275 words

The following link will take you to an explanation and graphs of a competitive market.
1. Provide examples of a variable that affect the supply curve and a variable that affects the demand curve.
2. Think of a product or service that use in your everyday life or workplace. Describe how the supply or demand of this product might be changed.
Submit your initial post by midnight, Day 3. Please respond to two of your classmates’ posts by midnight, Day 7.
Please, note that a minimum of 250 words for the initial post is required.
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