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January 25, 2021
Economics homework help
January 25, 2021

An analysis of Company and Country

FORMAT of this Homework
1. Introduction
2. Company background 
3. Country background
4. PESTEL Analysis
5. Porter’s 5 forces
6. Strategic recommendations
7. Conclusion 
8. Reference list
– 1 paragraph 
– 4-5 lines
         – Company
         – Country
         – Purpose of report
         – Structure of report
Company Background
– 1 paragragh 
– 4-5 lines
– Briefly describe what the company is about: 
        – Key products
        – Operatives
Country Background 
– 1 paragragh
– 4-5 lines
– Explain why you chose this country
PESTEL analysis
– Provide a definition of PESTEL Analysis ( Author, Year )
– Provide at least 3 reasons why a PESTEL Analysis is important.
– State that the PESTEL analysis of your chosen country is provided in a Table form ( will tell u in advance )
– From the above table, pick out ONE point from each factor (1xP , 1xE ,1xS, 1xT, 1xE, 1xL). Explain each of these point in detail. Explain how each of these point IMPACTS on your chosen COUNTRY. 
– Overall, explain if the chosen country is attractive or unattractive for business.
Porter’s 5 forces
– Provide a defination of Porter’s 5 forces.
– Explain the importance of concluding a Porter’s 5 forces Analysis.
– Explain that the conduct of the Porter’s 5 forces Analysis of your chosen company.
– For each force, explain if it is high or low and provide at least 2 reasons to justify.
– Based on the Analysis conducted (PESTEL & Porter’s ) provide at least 3 suggestion that the company shoud adopt. 
   -DO/DO NOT enter/expand in your chosen country
   – Different types of strategies that can be used by your chosen company
General Information
1. Description of the company , the nature of its business and any other relevant facts. ( Recommended word length 200-300 )
2. Provide a PESTEL analysis of the country. Ensure you include all of the factors; describe the factor and how your country is affected by the factor ( 600-800) 
3. Undertake a Porter’s 5 forces analysis of the company’s competitive environment. Ensure you include all five five forces, descibe the force and how the company’s market environment is affected by the force.  ( 600-800 )
4. List a minimum of 3 strategis recommendations you believe the company could enact to avoid problems you have unconvered from the Porter’s and PESTEL analysis. ( 400 )
5. Provide a general conclusion of the current state of the company and its operating environment. (200)
Total words:  2000-2500
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