What is the effective interest rate if the clinic pays on day 16? On day 30?
January 24, 2021
Webber Book Critique- Robert E.Webber, Worship Old and New (1994).You must write
January 24, 2021

Age related cognitive dysfunction

Case for Support

1.    Title

2.    Introduction (citing key references, 1000 1500 words)

a.    General opening paragraph, why is the research topic / question important, what does the previous evidence demonstrate (critical analysis), where are the gaps /inconsistencies in the evidence and why do they exist?, what new research might help solve this situation?

3.    Hypothesis
a.    Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis

4.    Objectives
a.    Which three main pieces of work will need to be completed to achieve the project that will generate the data to allow you to test your hypothesis?

5.    Research Plan, methods, statistical power (1000 1500 words)
a.    Type of study design, participants (characteristics or inclusion/exclusion), research plan (what will happen to the participants), primary outcome measure, secondary outcome measures, methods (how will you measure the outcomes stated), SAMPLE SIZE

6.    Milestones
a.    Three-four key achievements within a timeframe that keeps the project moving forward to being completed in the estimated timescale.

7.    Ethical considerations (<500 words)
a.    Who are the participants and what are the ethical considerations?

8.    Dissemination plan (< 500 words)
a.    How will you communicate the results of the research and to whom (and why should they be interested)?

9.    References


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