rising cost continues to be directly related to the medical treatment of disease rather than prevention
January 14, 2021
What strategies can you use to make good decisions and problem solve in your personal life, at school, at work, finding a job, buying a car,? 
January 14, 2021

a paper about blocked currency

topic is about blocked currency.
the main question is about “Why would a nation use “blocked currency”?
you might can talk about what is blocked currency, how does blocked currency impact on a country (political & economy, internal & external), advantages and disadvantages, and etc.
1. in-text citation and the last page is reference page.
2. must use data (from globaledge.com, statista.com, etc) and examples, and analysis the data. you can find a country or countries to analysis. Data can be GDP, GNP, HDI, import and export revenue, and etc.
3. please use simple words and sentences structure.
please write and explain in your own words (can easily understand).
you can use attached file as a reference.
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