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March 28, 2022
March 28, 2022

3371 – My Nursing Assignment

Read the following scenario:

Now that we know where the outbreaks are located, your organization wants to know more about who it affects. The age of the patient will determine what kind of resources will be needed in those areas.

Create a side-by-side bar graph using Microsoft Excel® and the data provided in the Ages Impacted document to identify the age groups affected by the virus.

Note: This information will be used for further analysis in future assignments.

Write a 350- to 525-word report of your analysis of the data. Include an answer to the following questions:

Which age groups are most affected?
Which age groups are least affected?
What is the prevalence rate per age demographic?
What else can be deduced after evaluating the chart?
Include your side-by-side bar graph in the report.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines
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