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April 24, 2022
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April 24, 2022

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Conditions Necessary for Seed Germination and Growth

Seed germination requires various conditions whose absence can lead to the failure of the seeds to germinate. Research shows that conditions like the presence of moisture, oxygen, and source of light are very critical for any successful germination and growth of any seed. This proposal is aimed at putting down how effectively an experiment can be done to either approve or disapprove the general knowledge about seed germination.

Aim of the experiments

The experiment will be set to answer the following questions

1. Is it possible for a seed to grow in the absence of moisture

Experiment hypothesis

Seeds cannot germinate in the absence of moisture. The seeds that are planted in very dry soil where all the moisture has been removed through soil roasting will not germinate. The other seed that will be planted on moisture soil will germinate (the control experiment).

When a seed is placed in a place void of oxygen, it will not grow. Paraffin block the circulation of oxygen to the seed planted in water but coated with paraffin. Failure of the seed germination will be as a result of poor oxygen circulation. On the other hand, the control experiment with a seed just dipped in water without paraffin will show a positive result. The seed will actually germinate.

After seed germination, the sidling need sunlight to grow effectively. In the experiment with the seed placed near an open window to allow in some sunlight, the seedling will be seen bending towards the window in order to receive sunlight. However, in the control experiment with the seed placed outside where it can directly attain sunlight, the seed will be seen growing very upright.

Protocol for conducting this experiment

Experiment one- to check effect of moisture to seed germination

* In one petri dish, (the control experiment), place some amount of soil. Then place the Sunflower seed, Pinto bean seeds, and French marigold seeds in the same ratio and add some water. Check the outcome after three to six days.

* In another petri dish, place a similar amount of roasted soil. Place the Sunflower seeds, Pinto bean seeds, and French marigold seeds in the same ratio on the soil. Check the outcome after three to six days.


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