250 Word Response w one bluebook citation

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March 17, 2023
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March 17, 2023

250 Word Response w one bluebook citation

“The people should choose whom they please to govern them.”[1]

Term limits have been part of the discussion since I can remember. One of those being John David Dingel, Jr. who served the House of Representatives for 59 years, 21 days and the reason he left is because he retired. I must also put down Robert Byrd who served in the Senate for 51 years and 176 days and he is from West Virginia and he was the longest serving member in the history of the U. S. Congress. [2]

During the Arkansas general election they wanted to form term limits on the representatives for the U. S. Congress. So they went ahead and on November 3, 1992, the voters of Arkansas adopted Amendment 73 to their State Constitution. Proposed as a “Term Limitation Amendment,” its preamble stated:

“The people of Arkansas find and declare that elected officials who remain in office too long become preoccupied with reelection and ignore their duties as representatives of the people. Entrenched incumbency has reduced voter participation and has led to an electoral system that is less free, less competitive, and less representative than the system established by the Founding Fathers. Therefore, the people of Arkansas, exercising their reserved powers, herein limit the terms of elected officials.” [3]

Since the POTUS can only run twice for the seat, why shouldn’t there be term limits for Congress. First of all term limits are unconstitutional. A 28th Amendment would be necessary to impose terms limits for Congress. In order for that to happen the American people must make their voices heard.

Most congressman who have served for many years, giving them term limits would grant more power to bureaucrats and lobbyists. Having career politicians are a valuable resources because we gain value on their experiences. If their seat constantly changes, we lose their experience that one person can offer the government.

The one important one we must consider, term limits are not necessary because the members of Congress must be regularly re-elected. If they are not doing the job that they are elected to do than we as Americans can vote for someone else who can do that job. It is up to the American people to make it happen. If that person gets voted in every single time than really who is responsible but the voter. If one does consider a career politician, its not the politician fault that he stays in but the voters who put them in the office. It is up to the citizen to vote him out if they want change.

There are already term limits in place, it’s the fact that politicians keep running for the same seat every single time. Its not the term limits that one should be against, it’s the career politicians we americans keep putting in congress. If one wants change, maybe we need more politicians to vote for.


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